Thursday, October 18, 2012

200 Followers - Success!!!

Wow, I've done it ( with a little help from my friend, Crystal )!!!!  I now have 200 followers and it's time to choose the winners of the two candies.  I could have used, but instead thought that I'd do things a little bit different, soooooo.....
Here's now I picked the numbers......
First - take scraps of paper, number them 1 - 19 ( number of comments I received )
     - next eliminate number 17 due to duplicate comments
Second - scrunge up the numbers and throw them on the floor
Third - enlist the help of the newest furball in the family - she loves to steal my cards to use as chewies so it seemed to be a logical choice
Fourth - call in re-enforcements since there seemed to be a distinct lack of cooperation
Fifth - finally some interest is being shown and.....
Sixth - pick the first winner
Seventh - the second winner is mighty tasty
Eighth - the two winning numbers
 I have left comments on the winners blogs and if possible sent an email to them, so congratulations go out to
#8 Sonia from Italy
#5 Alexandra from Russia
Till my next candy, which hopefully will be soon, thank you to all of my followers both old and new for all of the encourgement and wonderful comments, making this whole blogging world a fantastic experience!!!
Thanks to Nova and Roo for helping me choose the winners!!


  1. I'm so happy. Thank you very much!

  2. COngrats on reaching 200 Shari. You tell NOVA that even though she didn't pick my name I will bring her a treat on Monday.

  3. Thanks a lot Shari:) Beautiful surprise, I'm really happy, thanks to Your lovely dog to choose my number^_^
    Big hug,

  4. BAHAHAHAHA! I love how you did your random draw! That is just too cute and clever! Very entertaining. Thanks for the giggle. Congrats ladies. Now lets focus on the next 200. Cheers! HUGS

  5. This was hilarious! Way to go. Congrats to the winners.