Thursday, August 29, 2013

Copic Storage Idea

A couple of years ago I saw this fantastic idea for storing your Copic Sketch Markers on this blog, but living in Canada I could not find a source for the Art Bin Storage case, soooooo.......the hunt was on.  Before leaving the house on my mission to find a suitable container, I measured the height of a single Copic Sketch marker, and with a trusty little green plastic ruler my mission began.
It didn't take me too long to find the perfect solution at one of the local Homesense stores, and the fact that the box had a zipper to close it was an added bonus!!!
There are usually three sizes of this type of box available, but the smaller version is not quite tall enough, and the larger one is just too big, while the middle size is just perfect (kind of sounds like the story of Goldilocks).  My next stop was a local hardware store to buy the ceiling grid ( which can actually be cut into enough sections to fill three of these boxes ), and then home to assemble it all!!  When I placed the grid inside of the box, I choose to just layer two pieces of the grid at the bottom of the box, and not bother with the corner supports, as was suggested in the original blog post

The photo above was taken before I owned all of the colors, but I now have all of the markers minus the fluorescent colors, and I still have the extra room for the clear white storage box that holds gel pens, extra nibs and the refill booster needles.
 I love the fact that my markers are now stored in order, and that the case is very portable!  If anyone is looking for a great way to store your own collection of Copic Storage Markers, I suggest a quick trip to either a HomeSense store in Canada or Home Goods in the US.


  1. What a great idea Shari. It is also very portable.

  2. What a great idea. I am always looking for a good way to store my markers and I so like the fact that this has a zipper as well. May be off to find a Home Sense today. I hope it comes in a colour other than purple :) Hugs, Heather